Check Valves

Midland Check Valves are carefully engineered to provide reliable, high flow rates (up to 37,000 lb/hour) in conjunction with high flow disturbance sensitivity to help operators achieve safe operation and faster unloading times.

Superior Midland product standards mean non-galling assemblies that keep valves sliding easily without binding. A solid steel retaining bar – a Midland exclusive – makes it impossible for the ball to drop out the bottom of a Midland Check Valve.

In operation, a very tight range of acceptable flow rates assures there are no inadvertent closures that can damage a loading system, causing component failure or disrupting operations. And, should the valve "check," you won’t need to resort to hitting the valve or using other potentially destructive methods to re-open the valve. A pressure bypass enables rapid reopening and continued operation after the cause of excess flow is corrected.