Top-Transfer Angle Valves

Midland Top-Transfer Angle Valves incorporate innovative engineering and exclusive features to offer the most complete line of 1", 2" and 3" high-flow Angle Valves. Over 50 years of Midland expertise results in the lowest number of potential leak paths in the industry, assuring Midland customers of long-term reliability and safe operation. In fact, Midland is the only manufacturer to triple seal and bubble test all potential leak paths, further assuring safe, trouble-free operation.

Tank cars equipped with Midland Top-Transfer Angle Valves stay in service longer and are more easily maintained, for more efficient and productive operations. Midland elevated seat design permits self-draining without concern for trapped product or accidental release.

Our soft, self-centering valve seats virtually eliminate gouging and overhaul machining that is common with competitive metal-to-metal seat designs. Valve stem packing is spring loaded to provide constant load on the packing rings. Plus, with Midland Valves, there’s no need to remove the valve to respond to a leaking valve stem. Our adjustable valve packing, replaceable threaded side and top ports enable in-service maintenance and repair without removing the valve. In the event of a mounting gasket leak, any Midland valve can be sealed with the industry standard Midland’s Emergency Response Kit (B-243-VA-EPDM) regardless of size – another industry exclusive from Midland.