Vacuum Relief Valves (VRV)

The latest innovation in vacuum relief valve technology for rail tank cars is the Midland "No Step" vacuum relief valve. The new Midland "No Step" vacuum relief valve is designed to prevent the vacuum relief valve from being used as a foot valve to relieve pressure from the rail tank car. This innovative design allows the valve to only be operated in the event that vacuum conditions are reached in the car.

The new "No Step" design was created to help eliminate NAR's from vacuum relief valves that are caused by damage during loading and unloading operations. Quad seals in the vacuum relief valve provide excellent sealing in both pressure and vacuum conditions. Vacuum relief valve settings are available from 3/4 psi and higher.

A-210, 212 VRV Flyer (click HERE).

The A-212 VRV is also available as part of Midland's convenient DOT 117/117R solutions, designed to help customers meet the latest requirements for high-hazard flammable trains (HHFT) and high-hazard flammable unit trains (HHFUT).