Gaging Devices

Midland Gauging Devices 705

Midland Gaging Devices are the industry standard, with over 40,000 currently in use, providing accurate level monitoring and assuring complete loading and unloading of liquids. The devices’ small mounting flange size reduces space requirements, making it easier to locate other equipment on the manway plate and allow for emergency capping. Our 40+ years of historical data assures precise replacement of older parts, avoiding recalibration or replacement of the entire Gaging Device. Plus, you can retrofit existing Gaging Devices with a Midland Tank Car Loading System to maintain optimum load levels while reducing required fill time and allow remote liquid level management.

Midland Gaging Devices feature superior component engineering, resulting in long, carefree, accurate operation. Graphite rods, a stainless steel specific gravity correction nut and cap, and zinc-plated body and flange all contribute to delivering long-term resistance to corrosion and fast, easy gage reading. The lightweight float provides superior reliability and accuracy with low specific gravity applications such as LPG or Butane.