Technical Service Bulletins

ISSUED in 2024

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PDF146.61 KB29 Apr, 2024NA Download

ISSUED in 2023

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Midland Manufacturing 720 Series Valve Modification and Replacement Extension Criteria (CPC-1335)
PDF72.62 KB05 Dec, 2023  Download

ISSUED in 2022

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TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN (TSB) 20221212-01 - Revised Midland Model Numbers for PRV Component Tracking in RailInc
PDF150.31 KB12 Dec, 2022NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20222911-01: Model A-713-ML Data Sheet Update
PDF355.91 KB30 Nov, 2022NA Download
PDF153.93 KB23 Jun, 2022NA Download

ISSUED in 2021

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Technical Service Bulletin 20211028 - Marking Requirements and Replacement Nameplates
PDF534.46 KB27 Oct, 2021NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20210301-01 - Change of Locknut
PDF76.89 KB01 Mar, 2021NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20210219 - R&R Process Update
PDF101.97 KB18 Feb, 2021NA Download

ISSUED in 2020

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Technical Service Bulletin 20201020 - A-220 Obsolescence
PDF556.21 KB20 Oct, 2020  Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20200819 - CHANGING A PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE’S NAMEPLATE
PDF107.63 KB20 Aug, 2020  Download
A-520_522 Sulfur Disassembly Instructions - 20200806
PDF435.42 KB06 Aug, 2020NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20200717 - A-220 Obsolescence
PDF156.28 KB17 Jul, 2020NA Download
A-207 Re-Assembly Instructions
PDF499.37 KB28 Apr, 2020NA Download

ISSUED in 2019

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Midland FAQ for A-721 Self-Actualization
PDF37.67 KB05 Dec, 2019NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20191023 - ECTFE Coating Follow-Up
PDF249.33 KB23 Oct, 2019NA Download
O-Ring Material List 20190829
PDF143.68 KB29 Aug, 2019NA Download
Technical Service Bulletin 20190829 - O-Ring Discontinuation
PDF124.84 KB29 Aug, 2019NA Download
Change in Color & Coatings on Fluoropolymer Coated Valves
PDF340.49 KB14 May, 2019NA Download
TSB 20190225 Combination Device Test Procedure
PDF422.05 KB25 Feb, 2019NA Download

ISSUED in 2018

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AAR Circular Letter CPC-1335
PDF78.30 KB11 Jul, 2018NA Download
Quality Bulletin 18-4-CS
PDF465.75 KB02 Apr, 2018NA Download
A-720, A-721, A-721B, A-724 Angle Valve Update

Midland recently updated the design and operating safety procedure for the A-72X family of valves. See the table below to download the documents with the details about these updates.
NOTE: As of June 21, 2018 all new production of Midland A-720 Series Valves will be compliant and shipped with the redesigned packing arrangement

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Rebuilding Midland A-720 Series 2” Angle Valves Using Older Rebuild Kits with Supplemental Midland Kits K-720-100, K-721B-100, K-724-100
PDF586.20 KB13 Aug, 2018NA Download
Vacuum Relief Valve Set Pressure and Supplemental Labels
PDF251.31 KB12 Jul, 2018NA Download
A-720 2" Angle Valve Repair Kit Instructions
A-720 Repair Kit, Rev. 0 Issue Date: June 26, 2018
PDF686.14 KB27 Jun, 2018NA Download
A-720/A-721/A-721B/A-724 2" Angle Valve IOM
A-720/A-721/A-721B/A-724, Rev. 1.8 Issue Date: Jan 3, 2022 Supersedes: A-720/A-721/A-721-B/A-724, Rev. 1.7
PDF742.74 KB27 Jun, 2018NA Download
A-730 3" Angle Valve Repair Kit Instructions
A-730/A-734 Repair Kit, Rev. 1.1 Issue Date: April 25, 2024 Supersedes: A-7330/A-734 Kits, Rev. 0
PDF688.92 KB27 Jun, 2018NA Download
2 Inch Angle Valve Kit Request Form
DOCX45.20 KB27 Jun, 2018NA Download
Midland Letter to Our Customers
PDF113.11 KB26 Jun, 2018NA Download
Corrective Action Plan Information Sheet
PDF392.21 KB26 Jun, 2018NA Download
Midland Technical Service Bulletin 20180525-01
PDF402.73 KB25 May, 2018NA Download
Midland Technical Service Bulletin 20180525-02
PDF574.08 KB25 May, 2018NA Download

Corrective Action New Spacer/Wiper Design

  • During next valve requalification or voluntary servicing
  • Change out of stem packing components (all other major components do not need to be changed if in good condition)
  • Install new spacer with wiper ring to prevent packing debris from entering stem & body threads
  • Replace wave spring (if used) with coil spring
  • Install new gold-colored packing lock nut for visual indication that corrective action has been implemented

ISSUED in 2017

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720-4-CS Casting Change Service Bulletin
PDF209.57 KB22 Nov, 2017NA Download

ISSUED in 2016

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Chlorine PRD with Tell-Tale Valves
PDF705.26 KB23 Sep, 2016NA Download

ISSUED in 2015

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SB-OMID-005 4" Ball Valve Rotation Change Instructions
4" Ball Valve Rotation Change Instructions; Issued on July 23, 2015
PDF2.75 MB23 Jul, 2015NA Download
Vacuum Relief Valve (VRV) Application Alert
PDF450.46 KB06 Mar, 2015NA Download

ISSUED in 2011

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New Vented Ball for A-520/522-C2 Ball Valves
PDF182.07 KB10 Oct, 2011NA Download
Heat Shrink Spring Change
PDF67.11 KB30 Aug, 2011NA Download