Technical Service Bulletin Notice:
A-720, A-721, A-721B, A-724 Angle Valve Update

Midland recently updated the design and operating safety procedure for the A-72X family of valves. See the table below to download the documents with the details about these updates.

NOTE: As of June 21, 2018 all new production of Midland A-720 Series Valves will be compliant and shipped with the redesigned packing arrangement

Rebuilding A-720 Series Valves Using Older Rebuild Kits
PDF586.20 KB Download
Rebuilding Midland A-720 Series 2” Angle Valves Using Older Rebuild Kits with Supplemental Midland Kits K-720-100, K-721B-100, K-724-100
PDF586.20 KB Download
AAR Circular Letter CPC-1335
PDF78.30 KB Download
A-720 2" Angle Valve Repair Kit Instructions
A-720 Repair Kit, Rev. 0 Issue Date: June 26, 2018
PDF686.14 KB Download
A-720/A-721/A-721B/A-724 2" Angle Valve IOM
A-720/A-721/A-721B/A-724, Rev. 1.8 Issue Date: Jan 3, 2022 Supersedes: A-720/A-721/A-721-B/A-724, Rev. 1.7
PDF742.74 KB Download
A-730 3" Angle Valve Repair Kit Instructions
A-730/A-734 Repair Kit, Rev. 1.1 Issue Date: April 25, 2024 Supersedes: A-7330/A-734 Kits, Rev. 0
PDF688.92 KB Download
2 Inch Angle Valve Kit Request Form
DOCX45.20 KB Download
Midland Letter to Our Customers
PDF113.11 KB Download
Corrective Action Plan Information Sheet
PDF392.21 KB Download
Midland Technical Service Bulletin 20180525-01
PDF402.73 KB Download
Midland Technical Service Bulletin 20180525-02
PDF574.08 KB Download

Corrective Action New Spacer/Wiper Design

  • During next valve requalification or voluntary servicing
  • Change out of stem packing components (all other major components do not need to be changed if in good condition)
  • Install new spacer with wiper ring to prevent packing debris from entering stem & body threads
  • Replace wave spring (if used) with coil spring
  • Install new gold-colored packing lock nut for visual indication that corrective action has been implemented