Overview: America’s chemical-transport companies rely on Midland products for the routine safe handling of chlorine. We are hard at work developing the latest innovative product technology (click here to view our latest Enhanced Fittings products for chlorine handling: (chlorine-service-brochure) to ensure the most efficient and safest handling and transport possible. We also provide the most responsive technical support in the industry backed by innovative engineering designs that can solve even your toughest requirements.

Midland Experience

Midland is an industry leader of providing high-quality valves for the safe transportation of chlorine by rail, truck and barge and has become the unofficial standard for the North American chlorine-transportation industry. Midland uses corrosion-resistant materials proven to better withstand all of the operating environments typically found in the transportation of chlorine.

Midland expertise and input from a broad range of customers has led to our Enhanced Fittings Package and has been designed to minimize the number of potential leak paths. The enhanced fittings design was developed using the latest design techniques, including FMEA analysis, 3D modeling, Root Cause Analysis, and other Six Sigma processes. This revolutionary design will help to reduce the number of NARs in chlorine service as well as provide greater protection from product loss in the event of rollover-damage to the protective housing in an accident. The Enhanced Fittings Package is designed with all primary seals located at or below the surface of the pressure plate, thus reducing the risk of product loss to the atmosphere in the event of catastrophic damage to the fittings. The Enhanced Fittings package also meets the requirements in proposed rule-makings from both the FRA (Federal Railway Administration) and AAR (Association of American Railroads) for improved packaging of chlorine shipments.

In addition to utilizing some of the latest design techniques to develop this valve package, Midland worked very closely with a variety of railroads, regulators, chlorine shippers, car owners and car manufacturers. Through collaboration, Midland has developed a valve package that will set the standard for safely transporting, loading and unloading of chlorine for years to come. Midland’s dedication to customer responsiveness is a big part of its success. Its pride and commitment to consistently providing innovative solutions, knowledgeable technical and customer support, and other value-added services to customers, go above and beyond expectations. Call today, specify Midland, and reduce your risk during the loading, transporting and unloading of railcars in chlorine service.


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  • The industry leader
  • High-end alloy materials of construction
  • Soft-seated valve design provides consistent sealing
  • Latest designs continue to improve our products for chlorine service
  • NGRTC “Enhanced Fittings”
    • Latest valves for chlorine service
    • Meets latest regulations
    • Shear-off protection in the event of a rollover
    • Soft-seated angle valves and check valves for more consistent long-term sealing
    • Added level of leak protection
    • Better flow than current valve styles
    • Eliminates possibility of unwanted checking during unloading
    • Valves are still cap-able with existing emergency response kits

Advantage (Application-to-Spec)

  • The industry leader
  • Midland Manufacturing’s Valve Remanufacturing & Repair Program
    • Repair and test all chlorine valves
    • As the manufacturer, we machine and repair valves more thoroughly than an outside facility
    • Extensive database for analysis and benchmarking 
  • NRGTC Fittings
    • Most advanced chlorine valve package available

Featured Solution

Dual-Valve-Banner-234x101A-719-ML/A-190 Dual Valve System

Shear-Off Protection and Easy Installation

When paired with a A-190 Check Valve, the A-719-ML Angle Valve provides reliable protection from the release of tank contents during a rollover accident. If the Angle Valve shears off, the Check Valve will maintain the primary seal and prevent any product release.


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