Overview: America’s chemical transport companies rely on Midland products for routine safe handling of liquefied petroleum gas. You can depend on Midland’s market-leading reputation to deliver durable, easy-to-use and safe products that are specifically engineered to withstand the abuse of harsh rail-transport environments with products that exceed industry standards. We also provide the most responsive technical support in the industry backed by innovative engineering designs that can solve even your toughest requirements.

Midland Experience

Midland Manufacturing designs and manufactures high-quality pressure relief valves, loading/unloading angle valves, actuator systems, level measurement gages and other equipment for the LPG industry. Midland is unmatched in design expertise, product offering, quality, support and dedication to customer-focused service. Our products meet, and typically exceed, AAR regulations.

Midland recognizes that it is the responsibility of the shipper to specify the proper railcar valves and fittings for the safe loading, transport and unloading of products under pressure and has designed these components with the shipper in mind.


View Midland’s preferred fittings for LPG commodity cars below.








  • Our 2” angle valves feature soft seating for a more consistent and reliable seal
  • The stem packing is adjustable to adapt to the changing conditions in which the valves operate allowing the valve to last longer in service without issues
  • The Midland pressure relief valve has excellent flow characteristics to meet industry requirements
  • The pressure relief valves are all cap-able with the current emergency response kit
  • The Midland B-612 has been in service for 40 years proving to be reliable and efficient over the long life of the tank car

Advantage (Application-to-Spec)

  • Midland supplies the most complete package for the LPG market including angle valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, thermowells, sample lines and gaging devices
  • All Midland LPG valves are available in a variety of materials of construction to meet customers’ requirements
  • Midland continues to develop and improve our various valve families to best meet the needs of the industry