Overview: In the United States, corn has traditionally been the feedstock of choice. In fact, through 2006, 93% of the ethanol produced in the U.S. was produced exclusively from corn. The remaining feedstock came from other starch-based sources like sorghum (milo), wheat, barley, beverage waste and cheese whey.

Realizing the future potential of all types of ethanol and its wide array of uses, Midland has made a concerted effort to create products that are compatible with the processing, loading, transporting, unloading and storage of the chemical, no matter its feedstock.

Midland Experience

Midland works closely with ethanol producers and shippers, supplying them with the most reliable valves for the transport of ethanol by railcar. Midland's real-world experience has resulted in a manufacturing process that anticipates the ethanol industry's needs and delivers the equipment that helps keep workers and the environment safe. In addition to its industry-leading valves, Midland also offers rupture disc devices, actuator systems, level measurement gages and other railcar equipment that can be utilized in the transportation of ethanol products, all while guaranteeing that its products meet or exceed Association of American Railroads regulations.


View Midland’s preferred fittings for ethanol commodity cars below.







Midland has the most comprehensive valve package available for ethanol.

Bottom outlet valves available

  • Ball style
  • Plug style

Pressure Relief Valves

  • Internal Style
  • 75 psi and 165 psi valves available
  • Mounting on the plate or on a flue

Vacuum Relief Valves

  • Internal Style
  • New designs with better flow
  • Baffle available to avoid sloshing and affecting the performance of the valve
  • Seating area is farther removed from the product
  • Sealing material is now a disc to reduce the chance of incorrect material being applied
  • Screen to keep exterior debris from entering the top of the valve

Advantage (Application-to-Spec)

Midland has the most comprehensive package for ethanol.

  • Vacuum relief valves
  • High flow pressure relief valves
  • Guided and non-guided spring designs
  • Bottom outlet valves to meet the customer specification