Washouts, Flanges and Saddles

Midland Washouts, Flanges and Saddles are highly engineered and designed to provide optimum performance and reliability in the harshest operating environments.


Washouts are used on tank cars when the bottom outlet connection is not in use. Their simple design maintains a positive seal at the bottom outlet opening while maintaining the flexibility to change back to a bottom outlet valve in future applications.


Midland Bottom Outlet Valves can be mounted on a universal flange that is installed on the tank car. For optimum performance, the flange must be clear of any nicks, burrs, grit, paint, coatings or any other residue on the surface. A thread sealant, such as Loctite, may be needed during installation.


Midland saddles are used in conjunction with Midland Bottom Outlet Valves. They contain a special lock thread that eliminates the need for a thread sealant.