Midland “2023 Gold Book” Product Catalog Now Available

By OPW | Apr 24, 2023

Since its founding in 1961, nearly 75 years ago, Midland Manufacturing has been dedicated to developing and providing the most advanced, safe and reliable equipment for implementation on General Purpose and Pressure railcars that are used to transport critical and high-value hazardous and non-hazardous bulk raw materials and finished commodities for a wide array of industries.

Over the ensuing decades, Midland has built a documented history in developing standard-setting valve and level-measurement device technologies, one that has been driven by an overriding end goal: to advance and optimize the safety and reliability of railcar shipping for railroad companies, their clients, the communities through which they pass and the larger environment.

Through this creation of tools that contribute to the safe and efficient loading, transport and unloading of bulk products via railcar, Midland can proudly say that it is a front-line contributor to a nationwide rail-transport network that features reduced instances of Non-Accidental Releases (NARs) of hazardous and non-hazardous products on an annual basis.

Buttressed by its record of success, Midland has steadily expanded its product portfolio from the basic valves and level-measurement devices of the early 1950s to a full array of equipment and systems that gives it the broadest product range amongst all railcar-fittings suppliers in the world. However, because of the width and breadth of Midland’s modern-day product range, it can be difficult for end users to be familiar with the features, benefits, operational capabilities and application range of every product.

That’s why Midland is excited to announce the availability of the “2023 Gold Book” product catalog. This 286-page tome is a compilation of the products that Midland has designed, engineered, manufactured and is currently offering for use in rail-transport applications. The document contains technical drawings, parts lists and ordering information for the full range of models that are offered in the following product categories:

  • Pressure relief Valves
  • Excess Flow Check Valves
  • Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Rupture Discs & Breather Vents
  • Gaging Devices
  • Top Transfer Valves
  • Bottom-Loading Equipment
  • Caps, Nozzles & Plugs
  • Manway Cover Plates
  • Lift Assisters
  • Valve Actuator Systems
  • Miscellaneous Equipment (Pipe Nipples, Swing Pins, Air Connectors, Thermowells, ASA Flanges and Emergency Response Kits)

The foundation for the operation of all of these products is Midland’s full repository of industry-leading expertise and its proven legacy of innovation and dedication that has been part of the company’s DNA since its founding. The product range is also a testament to Midland’s commitment to working tirelessly to create and deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the most urgent, challenging and unique rail-transport needs and requirements.

Click HERE to order a hard copy or download an electronic copy of Midland’s “2023 Gold Book” product catalog.