Five Reasons to Utilize Remanufacturing

By OPW | Mar 19, 2020
It’s a fact of life in the manufacturing world that a number of commodities need to be safely handled along the production and supply chain. Therefore, manufacturers are extremely vigilant and go to great lengths to ensure that only the safest, most reliable equipment is placed on the railcars used to transport all classes of materials.
When it comes to railcar equipment, valves play a major role in ensuring the safe and reliable transport of commodities. However, completely overhauling or replacing your railcar valves every few years can be a time-consuming and expensive process. This has led many railcar valve manufacturers to begin offering remanufacturing and repair programs in which customers can send valves that have been in the field back to the manufacturer for testing, inspection and cleaning.

Let’s review the top five reasons why customers should be utilizing a remanufacturing program.

1.)   It is a cost-effective solution when compared to completely overhauling or replacing railcar valves.

2.)   Each remanufactured valve is brought up to current production standards and specifications for optimum performance and improved reliability.

3.)   Remanufactured valves are returned to the owner with a new manufacturer’s warranty.

4.)   Comprehensive performance data is collected that allows the manufacturer to compare the valve’s performance to industry standards and provide custom data reports to let customers identify and implement a valve-maintenance and requalification cycle that is both ideal for the user and as a way to ensure the safest handling of highly valuable, and potentially hazardous, commodities.

5.)   Product improvements for specific applications can also be incorporated during the remanufacturing process to extend the service life of the equipment.

To learn more about Midland’s Valve Remanufacturing & Repair Program, please review the Remanufacturing and Repair Brochure or visit the Remanufacturing and Repair Website.