Midland Announces Quick-Ship Program for Bottom Outlet Valves

By OPW | Aug 20, 2019

This program has been suspended as of March 2020.


Continuous improvement of products and services is the driving force at Midland. As the latest update to better serve customers, Midland is pleased to announce that upgrades in processes at the Skokie Midland Manufacturing site have allowed several models of our bottom outlet valves to be available for a quick-ship program with a 5-day turnaround.

Starting August 5, 2019, the following models have been made available for this quick-ship program:

  • A-522-C2-CS
  • A-522-C2-CS-SJ
  • A-522-C2-MO
  • A-522-C2-MO-SJ

Bottom Outlet Ball Valves provide near universal compatibility with most commodities, and they offer high flow rates for faster, more efficient unloading. 

In order to apply for quick-shipping, orders must be fewer than five valves. Customers will continue to receive the order acknowledgment the next day, and it should be acknowledged with a ship date no further out than five business days. It will also be marked with “QUICK SHIP” on the order acknowledgment itself. Orders for greater than five valves will be scheduled with the standard lead time.

When submitting purchase orders to customer service, customers need to make sure to note that these valves need to be quick shipped. If not noted at the time the order is placed, they will be scheduled with the standard lead time.

Questions regarding shipping dates for open orders may be resolved through Regional Sales Managers or Customer Service Representatives.

Please feel free to contact your Midland rep are any other questions or concerns regarding this new program.

You can learn more about all of Midland’s rail-transportation solutions at midlandmfg.com.