Midland Announces New Products To Meet DOT-117 & TC-117 Rail Tank-Car Regulations

By Midland Manufacturing | Aug 20, 2015
With enhanced tank-car standards and DOT 117 implementations beginning 
in October, tank-car owners and producers look to Midland for answers.

SKOKIE, IL – August 5, 2015 – Midland Manufacturing, part of OPW, plans to launch three new products – two pressure relief valves (PRVs), the High-FlowX™ and the Smart-Flow™, and a detachable handle for bottom outlet valves, Tanktite. Midland says these three new products will help customers meet DOT and Transport Canada rules for rail tank cars in North America. High-FlowX, Smart-Flow and Tanktite Product Photo

The first phase of the "Enhanced Tank Car Standards and Operational Controls for High-Hazard Flammable Trains" begins Oct. 1, 2015, and for the last several months, Midland Manufacturing has worked with shippers and rail tank-car manufacturers to design products that meet and surpass current standards. Part of Midland's development process includes the incorporation of flow simulations and in-lab testing to refine target valve performance characteristics.

“Within our product development process we’re working to stay focused on and in sync with our customers and various stakeholders,” said Bill Galbreath, Midland Product Manager. “In the current environment, it’s a challenge to define fittings requirements that can meet the new specifications, but we’re driving the Midland organization to do just that and to turn those specifications into products faster than we ever have. We use the latest tools and science to accelerate our projects from concept to launch. The result is that we will be ready to offer products like Smart-Flow and like Tanktite to our customers at a critical time in their changeover to DOT-117 railcar designs.”

The High-FlowX has been created for customers that want an external PRV that is capable of handling flow rates of 30,000 SCFM and that is suitable for corrosive commodities. For customers that desire an optimized flow, Midland recommends the Smart-Flow with a flow rate of 10,730 SCFM. 

Midland is now taking inquires on Smart-Flow, High-FlowX and Tanktite. Product specifications are currently available for review and Midland is finalizing plans for the production launch of these products in the weeks ahead. Midland recommends that customers contact Midland or their local sales representatives for details. More information on Midland’s new products for DOT-117 tank cars can also be found at: http://www.opwglobal.com/midland/dot-117-solutions

For more on Midland Manufacturing and its complete line of rail tank-car fittings, please go to www.midlandmfg.com

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