Corn Syrup

corn syrupCorn Syrup is one of the staple products that is transported in enormous amounts each year. OPW Loading Arms plays an important role in the distribution of corn syrup.

  • Typically a 3” Fixed Reach Loading Arm
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • FDA Nitrile Seals
  • Special Welding procedure typically provided to minimize areas for product to ‘pool’ within loading arm
  • Multiple designs available to meet your application

Loading Arm Solution

Some examples of loading arm solutions applied in this application*: +Fixed Reach Loading Arms (316 Stainless Steel/FDA Nitrile Construction)

*Please note that all applications are different and may be subject to design changes as warranted.

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CORN-3-108X60-UFLHPDF183.54 KB10 Nov, 2014 Download
CORN-3-90X60-DFLH-SPIDERPDF106.41 KB10 Nov, 2014 Download
CORN-3-102X72-UFRH-SPIDERPDF80.84 KB10 Nov, 2014 Download
CORN-3-90X60-DFLHPDF99.68 KB10 Nov, 2014 Download


About Corn Syrup

There is no such thing as a natural corn syrup pressed directly from corn kernels. Instead, the pulpy middle layer called cornstarch is first separated from the outer husk and the inner germ layers. The cornstarch is then stored in giant vats, where natural enzymes are added to break it down into glucose. It is these sugars that are heated and turned into what is called corn syrup.

Corn syrup is almost exactly as sweet as the granulated sugar it often replaces in recipes. It can be naturally light in color, which is often used in candy making, or darker, which is usually used for general baking purposes. The light form of corn syrup may have vanilla flavoring added, while the dark corn syrup has a stronger natural flavor.

The advantage of corn syrup over sugar is its resistance to crystallization. A candy lollipop made with corn syrup will retain its smooth texture, while a similar treat made from pure sugar may turn into a hardened rock candy. Corn syrup also prohibits crystal formation when sugar is added to a cake or fudge mixture. Light and dark corn syrup both have a balance of dextrose, fructose, malt and glucose to keep them chemically stable, although this sweetener does have a limited shelf life compared to others


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