Sight-flow indicators are a cost-effective and efficient way to visually monitor the flow of fluids and to determine if any problems exist at certain points along the industrial process line. VISI-FLO® is the most thoroughly engineered sight-flow indicator on the market and is available in three series: the Standard 1400 Series, the 1500 High-Pressure/High-Temperature Series and the 1600 OEM Series.

  • Exclusive 3-Year "No-Leak" Guarantee: An innovative radial seal creates a constant and uninterrupted sealing force between the body and outside diameter of the glass lens for a longer-lasting and better seal than conventional flat seals
  • Maintenance-Free Design: Bolt-on-body design requires no special maintenance or torqueing sequence in order to prevent leaks, resulting in safer operation than units using tie rods to fasten the lens and seal to the body
  • Dimensional Interchangeability: Feature end-to-end dimensions that match Jacoby-Tarbox and Penberthy and other manufacturers' units. Available in 3/4", 2", 3" and 4" sizes