FlexWorks Piping

FlexWorks flexible fuel piping solutions by OPW provide advanced capabilities that enable you to offer a higher level of protection, meet Next-Generation compliance needs and help you control costs. FlexWorks is a fully-integrated underground system that provides for end-to-end double containment, complete testing, monitoring and is totally accessible all the time.

At the heart of Flexworks pipe is KYNAR® (PVDF), which has a 50-year track record in the world's most demanding chemical locations and has formed the foundation for our pipe’s stellar reputation and time-proven performance. Impenetrable, Impervious, Invulnerable, Indestructible – these are the words most commonly used in the chemical world to describe the performance of KYNAR®, the unrivaled Gold Standard in Thermoplastics – at the heart of the Gold Standard in Fuel Pipe for 15 years.