MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.


PDQ's MaxAir Drying Systems are a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.

The key to MaxAir is optimizing air velocity and flow. As air exits a dryer, it travels at a high rate of speed or air velocity. The stream loses much of its speed as it meets the resistance of the surrounding air. By the time it reaches the vehicle, airflow has been minimized. In effect, optimum airflow is best near the dryer outlet. Unfortunately, that’s not where it's needed. Through innovative design, MaxAir Dryers delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – where it's most important.

Your customers will enjoy drier vehicles - you'll enjoy lower operating costs! Add MaxAir to your vehicle wash system today!

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MaxAir Stand Alone Drying Systems

The MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer utilizes concentrated air columns, air drafting, and an optimized array of blowers to deliver high-velocity air to the vehicle surface.

Concentrated Air Columns

c_maxair_dryerMaxAir maximizes air velocity to the vehicle surface by using concentrated air columns. You see examples of this principle in action every day. To make a garden hose more effective, you concentrate the water flow to increase water impact. To make a flashlight brighter, you concentrate the light beam. The same concept applies to MaxAir. Concentrated air columns are achieved by using round discharging nozzles at the bottom of the dryer outlet. Round nozzles are more effective than square or rectangular ones. Nozzles that are not round tend to break up the airflow, causing more of the air to disperse and lose velocity as it travels through the surrounding air. By concentrating the air columns, MaxAir delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – whether it’s a tall SUV or low profile sports car.

Air Drafting

MaxAir utilizes four stationary 7.5 horsepower blowers with the two center blowers in line to take advantage of air drafting. Drafting is a technique used by racecar drivers that literally splits the air. However, drafting is not limited to the world of motor sports. MaxAir also employs the technique. The first blower does the job of breaking the air, reducing the amount of wind resistance the trailing blower experiences. The trailing blower can now work on evaporating water off the vehicle surface. Optional 7.5hp side producers can be added to increase drying effectiveness even further.

Blower Positions

c_maxair_dryer_6_prodMaxAir blowers are strategically positioned to move water quickly off the vehicle surface using the shortest distance possible. When water droplets move on a vehicle, they split. The more they split, the smaller they become. Unfortunately, smaller water droplets are more difficult to move. With MaxAir, large water droplets move quickly off the vehicle sides rather than up and over the vehicle.

MaxAir Integrated Drying System

PDQ's MaxAir Integrated Drying System takes all the features of the stand alone system and tightly integrates them into the bridge or gantry of the car wash. Integrated dryers also can perform a unique FlashDry® service, taking no additional time for a basic dry, by performing a rinse and dry in a single operation. Developed on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving - FlashDry improves rinsing while removing over 80% of the water all in a single 10 second pass. Options and variety in drying allow greater package differentiation that increases your revenue per car.


  • ProTouch® Tandem
  • LaserWash® 360

SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System

Your customers will enjoy drier vehicles with PDQ's new SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System. The enhanced SwingAir oscillating feature improves dryer performance while still using less energy than most conventional dryers. This new system incorporates motion in the center two producers to help sweep water off of the vehicle's top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on pushing water down and off the sides of the vehicle. The SwingAir feature is available on both stand-alone and integrated MaxAir Drying Systems and can be ordered on new car wash equipment as well as added as a retrofit kit for existing ProTouch® Tandem, Laserwash® 360 or MaxAir® stand-alone sites.

Feature Summary:

  • Oscillating feature to sweep water from the surface of vehicles
  • 32" (81cm) wider drying envelope with repositioned outside producers
  • Better drying on sides of vehicles with inward-angled outside producers
  • Can be ordered with new wash systems or as a retrofit kit
  • Available on six producer, four producer or two producer MaxAir systems


  • ProTouch® ICON
  • roTouch® Tandem (new or retrofit)
  • LaserWash® 360 (new or retrofit)
  • MaxAir® Stand Alone Drying System (new or retrofit)

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PDQ's MaxAir Drying Systems are a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.

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