OPW Clean Energy Solutions Division

As the use of alternative fuels continues to grow, OPW is looking further into the future of the clean energy industry and expanding into areas that will help it create solutions that will contribute to a safer, cleaner tomorrow. Thus, the creation of the new OPW Clean Energy Solutions Business Unit. The foundation of this new division is the recent acquisition of two highly regarded companies that are standard setters in creating products for clean energy solutions and the handling, transport and storage of cryogenic liquids and gases.


Acme Cryogenics: Founded in 1969, Acme Cryogenics, Allentown, PA, has grown into a leading developer and provider of precision-engineered products and services that facilitate the production, storage and distribution of cryogenic liquids and gases. Specifically, Acme Cryogenics offers vacuum-jacketed pipe systems, valves, vaporizers and gas-handling systems that enable the safe and reliable handling and transfer of cryogenic liquids and gases at temperatures below -292ºF (-180ºC). Acme Cryogenics has manufacturing operations in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Lonsdale, MN; and Oxnard, CA, and maintains seven U.S. field-service locations.


RegO® Products: Based in Elon, NC, RegO Products is a premier manufacturer and worldwide supplier of gas-control products for use in the industrial gas and liquefied cryogenics industries. RegO specializes in the development of cryogenic valves, regulators, storage and containment systems and has recently completed development of a nozzle for use in the transfer of LNG. RegO operates four manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and has distribution centers in the U.S., Mexico, Germany and China.

The creation of the OPW Clean Energy Solutions Business Unit is in line with OPW’s “Defining What’s Next” mission that is driven by Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) operating principles and an ongoing commitment to developing reliable and efficient fluid-handling equipment and systems that enhance the quality of life for people, the environment and its global clients.