Unsupported Boom Bottom Loader

Designed to provide flexible long-range operation, the heavy-duty unsupported boom type bottom loader configuration is both reliable and easy to use. A minimum of five swivel planes of rotation offer complete flexibility in making tight connections for loading and unloading rail cars and tank trucks. The outboard swivel and arm adjusts for any changes in elevation or tilting that may result as the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. The unsupported boom type loader is extremely versatile and many variations are possible. It can be equipped with dry disconnect coupler, union, quick coupling, or other customer specified end fitting to make connections on the side, at the rear, or underneath the vehicle. The intermediate swivel is often 2” – 6” sizes available  inverted to achieve the low profile and clearances needed to connect to the underside of a rail car. 

Typically installed at or near ground level, arms of varying lengths can be mounted on staggered risers to achieve crossover and neat compact storage of multiple arms in a confined space.

  • 2” – 6” sizes available
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum options 
  • Ideal for Railcar Unloading applications 
  • Fully customizable 


  • Easy to operate/maneuver 
  • Eliminates cumbersome hose 
  • Low Profile with long reach, ideal for railcar unloading 
  • Accommodates changes in elevation 
  • Can be safely stored to provide for safe clearance of vehicles 
  • Easy to connect under the vehicle 
  • Very flexible to compensate for vehicle misplacement 
  • Scissor-back storage means no wasted space 
  • Compact storage, can be stored in ‘jack-knife’ position