Long Range Hose Loader

OPW spring balanced hose loaders are available in both short-range (SRH-32) and long-range (LRH-32) versions. Like counterweighted hose loaders, spring balanced hose loaders are generally stored at horizontal and only slightly upward or downward movement is required to align the coupler with the tank truck adaptor.
The Long Range Hose Loader, in the 4" size, is used in exactly the same manner as the counterweighted hose loader. The major difference being the counterbalance mechanism is a torsion spring rather than weights.

  • Available in 4"
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Choice of flanged, threaded or all-welded construction


  • Ideal for converting Top Loading installations to Bottom Loading
  • Easily adjustable torsion spring
  • Easy to handle and move
  • Easily meets API envelope requirements with 3 units on 21” (533 mm) centers. 
  • Easy to operate/maneuver
  • For multiple product applications, it can be mounted close to another arm
  • Crossover can easily be achieved