LBM800 Liquip Balance Mechanism - Bottom Loading Arm

A benchmark has been set for all bottom loading arms with the introduction of the LBM800. This state-of-the-art design is essential when you require safety and long service life with minimal maintenance.

The LBM800 provides effortless bottom loading in petrochemical distribution terminals through the use of the unique design known as the Velvet Touch.

The ability of 360° rotation in the horizontal plane allows the LBM800 to easily move from a parked to loading position, and to service vehicles on either side of the loading bay. While the vertical plane swivel allows users to position the coupler at different heights within the API envelope.


  • Velvet Touch provides smooth operation over the entire stroke of the loading arm
  • Superior safety through Liquip’s unique gas strut design
  • Exceptional durability and minimal servicing requirements thanks to the best-in-class base swivel assembly and overall design
  • Any unit can be easily configured for left hand, right hand, upward and downward configurations on-site
  • Slimline drop leg bracket provides easy installation and compact overall size


  • Enhanced strength and ease of adjustment through a heavy-duty adjustment mechanism
  • Downtime during installation is reduced by an all-flanged design
  • Adjustable up/down stop that can be set with minimal effort
  • Long reach capabilities