1004D4 API Bottom Loading Coupler

Next-generation API Bottom Loading Couples combines ease of maintenance with a unique spring-loaded sleeve design to deliver the ultimate coupler experience.

  • 5 Cam Design: Easy alignment, tight adaptor connections and side-force resistance during loading
  • Dual Interlocks: Ensure that opening cannot occur unless properly connected to an API Adaptor
  • Superior Sealing: Simple, reliable smart-seal design with dual high-performance O-rings
  • High-Performance Seals: Special Fluorocarbon Seal Compound for compatibility across most products, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol*
  • Maintenance: Pins and small threads eliminated to provide quick, easy access to critical components; nose seal replaced without requiring removal of coupler from rack; no special tools required; complete rebuild in minutes
  • Spring-Loaded Sleeve: Unique sleeve design automatically “jumps” onto API truck adaptor
  • Operation: Stainless-steel “ergo” handle design for easy, smooth operation

*-Other seals available upon request.