CARB-Certified 14E ECO Gasoline Nozzles

The OPW 14E ECO Enhanced Conventional Gasoline nozzle is part of the new OPW 14 Series cleaner fueling experience nozzles, featuring innovative patented* dripless free-draining spout technology. Other dripless technologies capture fuel in the spout where it is allowed to evaporate and increase VOC emissions.

The new OPW 14E dripless spout technology is designed to keep gasoline from dripping on your customers’ hands, clothing, vehicles and the ground to 
provide a cleaner, greener, and more satisfying customer experience.

The CARB ECO OPW 14E utilizes a special interlock system inside the bellows to activate the flow of fuel.

View the 14E Nozzle CARB Executive Order.