Angle Valve Actuators

Midland Valve Actuator Systems provide fast, automated emergency shut-off of loading and unloading valves for handling very hazardous chemicals, such as chlorine or ethylene oxide. When connected to external warning sensors such as chemical leak detectors, emergency stop switches or vibration and motion sensors, Midland Valve Actuators can immediately minimize operator exposure and EPA/DOT-reportable releases in the event of a leak in the transfer connections.

Midland Valve Actuators work with both Midland and ARI 1" chlorine valves, eliminating the need for multiple actuators. Actuators are also available for Midland 2" Angle Valves. Plus, a Midland air- or nitrogen-operated drive motor facilitates installation with most rack systems.

Midland Valve Actuator Systems comply with Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 57.

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