Liquip Velvet Touch MK2 Balance Assembly

The Velvet Touch MK2 Balance Assembly has been designed for use with bottom-loading arms in petrochemical-distribution depots. The MK2 features horizontal-plane swivel capability that allows 360° rotation of the bottom-loading arm and easy coverage of the width of a standard API envelope. The vertical-plane swivel allows movement 15° above and below horizontal to satisfy various coupler-height requirements while working in conjunction with twin lift-O-mat struts, which minimizes the amount of effort required to position the API coupler.

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Liquip Coupling Swivels for Bottom Loading Arms

Liquip 100-mm (4") VNC-A4VG and VNI-4AVG Coupling Swivels have been designed specifically for loading applications and are an integral part of many terminal applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Balance assembly bolts onto the flange, reducing the amount of product inlet pipework needed at loading depots
  • Horizontal spool is bolted onto the outlet flange of the balance assembly
  • Precise balancing of the arm is achieved by repositioning the bottom of the struts for course adjustment
  • Worm-drive screw at the top of the struts enhances fine-tuning capabilities
  • Adjustable up/down stop is integrated into the balance assembly to ensure the struts do not reach their limit while keeping arm movement clear of obstructions, such as roofing