"A" Frame Hose Loader AFH-32-F

OPW A-Frame Hose (AFH) Loading Arms offer the same advantages as conventional A-Frame Loaders, except flexible hose is used instead of rigid piping on secondary/outboard arm. The A-Frame’s compact storage envelope allows loaders to be installed relatively close together, often on risers that are approximately the same height as the truck connection.

AFH loaders are typically stored in an upright, near vertical position, making it possible to load from both sides of a loading bay. In addition to bottom-loading petroleum, the AFH is also a common choice for use as a vapor recovery arm.


  • 790 EZ Adjust Torsion Spring (3-Year Warranty)
  • Integral Upward, Downward Travel Stops
  • Carbon Steel/Aluminum Construction
  • Low Temperature Fluorocarbon Seals
  • Braided Stainless Steel or Rackmaster Composite Hose
  • Available in Left-Hand, Right-Hand, Upfeed, Downfeed Configurations
  • 360° Rotation Allows Loading on Both Sides of Loading Bay


  • Low Riser Mounting Height (typically same as truck connection)
  • Compact Storage Envelope (nearly vertical)
  • Easily Configured as Vapor Recovery Loader
  • Can be Configured with Additional Swivel Plane for Added Flexibility