T196SV-CV Crude Oil Vapor Vent

Civacon's Crude Oil Vapor Vent has a unique patent pending dual stage poppet action which effectively enables venting under 35PSI tank pressure. This valve will retro-fit existing 3.5" vapor vents currently mounted on crude oil tanks.

The Civacon T196SV-CV Crude Oil Vent is manufactured to withstand high pressure crude applications. It will open against 35 PSI tank pressure. The unique patent pending dual stage poppet will relieve tank pressure during the 1st stage, allowing for optimal venting during the 2nd stage action. It is designed and tested to take the punishment of crude oil transportation at temeratres from -40ºF to 220ºF (-40ºC to 104ºC). A cap design threads into the top of the vent which allows for a better seal and eliminates the snap ring on top.

The T196SV-CV still maintains a low profile to keep the vents well below the overturn rail, yet with its increased seat opening offers improved flow with less pressure drop. An added third port improves the vent's closing speed.