OPW 1SC-2100-EVR Series Sealable Cover Spill Containers

OPW Spill Containment Manholes are designed to prevent spilled product from entering the soil near the fill and vapor return riser connections on underground storage tanks during normal tank filling operation, or in the event of tank overfill. The spill containers catch spillage to help prevent soil contamination and groundwater pollution.The OPW 1SC-2100-EVR Series Sealable Cover Spill Containers are designed to eliminate the problems associated with water entering grade level spill containers. The operation of the cover is similar to that of a “plumbers plug.” When the lever is latched down, the plates are drawn together, expanding the seal against the machined mounting ring wall. The 1SC-2100-EVR spill containers are ideal for areas with a high water table, areas subject to tropical rain and standing water, and cold regions where melting snow and road salt can enter standard spill containers.