101BG-2100 Series Below-Grade Spill Containers

OPW Below-Grade Spill Containment Manholes are used in new tank or riser pipe installations. The watertight spill containment chamber is installed completely below grade level. A grade level manhole cover lies flush with the driveway grade to reduce a tripping hazard and the potential for damage from snow plows and traffic. Surface water drains into the backfill between the manhole skirt and the exterior of the containment bucket. Below-grade spill containers are available in thread-on and slip-on configurations in 5 and 15-gallon capacities.

Important Notice: The OPW 101BG-2100 Spill Container Series does not prevent contamination of the soil or backfill resulting from spills flowing between the spill container and the outer shell. Ground contamination may result if the spill container is filled beyond capacity, or if a spill occurs outside the spill containment cell.