61TC Coaxial Fill Drop Tubes

OPW 61TC Coaxial Fill Drop Tubes

The OPW 61TC Coaxial Drop Tube is designed to replace an OPW 61T Conventional Drop Tube when Stage I Vapor Recovery is required and a vapor recovery riser pipe is not available on the tank or would require excavation to the top of the tank.  The 61TC is used in conjunction with OPW 633TC Coaxial Vapor Recovery Adaptors to return vapors to the tank truck, through one riser pipe, during a fuel delivery to an underground storage tank.  The upper section of the 61TC is tapered to allow vapors to return to the tank truck through the interstitial space between the riser pipe and outside wall of the drop tube.  Simultaneously, product is delivered to the tank through the center of the 61TC.

OPW 61TCP Poppeted Coaxial Fill Drop Tubes

The OPW 61TCP Poppeted Coaxial Fill Drop Tube is similar to the 61TC, but is spring-loaded.  When used in conjunction with the OPW 633TCP, the 61TCP acts as a poppet to close off the vapor return side of the coaxial fill tube.