53VML (30MV) Ball Float Vent Valves

The OPW 53VML Ball Float Vent Valves protrude into underground storage tanks from OPW 233 Series Extractor Fittings at the Stage I vapor return riser pipe or tank vent line. During a product delivery, as the tank level rises, a counterweight stainless steel ball seats on the valve body and restricts flow of vapors back to the transport truck. As the vapors become compressed in the tank (ullage), product flow into the tank is severely restricted. The 53VML Series Ball Float meets the U.S. EPA 90% requirement for product flow restriction into underground storage tanks. The 53VML-0060 and 53VML-0065 are designed as “back-up” overfill protection for overfill prevention valves, and to minimize product mixing with underground manifold vent lines.