233 Series Extractor Fittings

OPW 233 Series Extractor Fittings thread into 4 NPT openings on underground storage tanks. A 4" riser pipe threads into the top of the 233 for use in Stage I Vapor Recovery or to access a ball float. The 233 Extractor Fittings have threaded single-outlet connections for attaching tank vent lines or multiple outlets used to manifold tank vents or accommodate Stage II vapor return lines from dispensers. Internal threads on the 233 are designed to install a ball float or test plug in the extractor.

The OPW 233 Extractor Fittings are designed for use with all OPW 53VML Ball Float Vent Valves that include an extractor cage (the OPW 233 does not include an extractor cage). The 233 Extractor incorporates either single-outlet or multiple-outlet threads.

The OPW 233VP Extractor Fitting Test Plug is used on all OPW 233 Series Extractor Fittings. The 233VP incorporates an O-Ring above the threads (on the plug) to isolate the tank from the vent piping systems during a tank test.