10 Series Emergency Shut-Off Valves

OPW 10 Series Emergency Shut-off Valves are installed on fuel supply lines beneath dispensers at grade level to minimize hazards associated with collision or fire at the dispenser. If the dispenser is pulled over or dislodged by collision, the top of the valve breaks off at the integral shear groove, activating poppets and shutting off the flow of fuel. Single-poppet models shut off supply flow, while double-poppet models shut off supply as well as prevent release of fuel from the dispenser’s internal piping. The base of the emergency valve is securely anchored to the concrete dispenser island through a stabilizer bar system within the dispenser sump or pan to ensure proper shearing action. The valve base is secured to the stabilizer bar using a three-point boss mount system or a U-Bolt Kit (not included) 10UBK-015 (1-1/2") and 10URK-0200 (2 sold separately). Valve inlet (bottom) connections are female pipe threads and outlet (top) connections are available with female threads, male threads or a union fitting. Other options include suction system models with a normally closed secondary poppet which maintains prime, and models with external threads on the inlet body which connect to secondary containment systems.