633LC Lock Clamp (CARB Approved)

OPW 633LC Lock Clamp is designed to lock the OPW adaptor onto the riser pipe, preventing any potential vapor leaks from pressurized systems. The locking clamp slips over the riser pipe. The 633T, 633TE, or 1611 Adaptor is then threaded onto the riser pipe. Next the lock clamp should be slid up the riser until the protrusions in the lock clamp line up with the notches in the adaptor. Once the adaptor and clamp are engaged, the lock clamp can be tightened and the adaptor will be locked onto the riser pipe, preventing it from being loosened by a delivery elbow. Additionally, the lock clamp can be turned upside down on the riser pipe to lock the riser into the base of all OPW spill containers, which have notches in them similar to the adaptors. Using the lock clamp in this manner will lock the riser pipe into the spill container.