61VSA Vapor Recovery Swivel Adaptor E85 EVR Approved

Stage I Vapor Recovery Adaptors are installed in spill containment manholes on the vapor recovery riser pipe from an underground gasoline storage tank. They mate with the vapor recovery elbow on the delivery transport truck when recovery of gasoline vapors is required.

The OPW 61VSA Vapor Swivel Adaptor is a poppeted adaptor, designed to mate with a vapor recovery elbow, featuring a top section that rotates with hose movement while the bottom section remains securely sealed to the 4-inch tank riser.


The 61SA-TOOL is a wrench designed to thread on the 61SA Fill and 61VSA Vapor Adaptors. The OPW 61SA-TOOL Adaptor installation tool is required to insure proper installation of OPW rotatable swivel adaptors, thread-on spill containers, fill and vapor adaptors, TC-400 torque cap for pipe nipples and threaded riser adaptors as per EVR requirements. The 61SA-TOOL includes provisions for the use of a torque wrench to facilitate accurate installation and testing.