61SALP Swivel Adaptor

Pressure decay testing of underground storage tank systems has identified the joint between the tight-fill adaptor and the nipple or tank riser as a persistent leak point. Considerable movement takes place along the hose while the fill elbow is connected. Walk-downs and changes from one compartment to another move the hose across the pavement, rotating the elbow along with it. The result can be a loosening of the adaptor. As the adaptor backs off, the seal between it and the nipple is relaxed and a leak path is created allowing vapors to escape to the atmosphere. Vacuum-assist dispensing systems can aggravate this situation due to the slight pressurization of the UST. The 61SA Swivel Adaptor mates with 4" top-seal delivery elbows and features a top section that rotates with hose movement while the bottom section remains securely in place maintaining seal integrity.

The 61SA-TOOL is a wrench ­designed to thread on the 61SA Fill and 61VSA Vapor Adaptors. The OPW 61SA-TOOL Adaptor installation tool is required to insure proper installation of OPW rotatable swivel adaptors, thread-on spill containers, fill and vapor adaptors,TC-400 torque cap for pipe nipples and threaded riser adaptors as per EVR requirements. The 61SA-TOOL includes provisions for the use of a torque wrench to facilitate accurate installation and testing.