Fuel Control

Learn More About the PV Family of Products

Since 1961, OPW Fuel Management Systems has pioneered leading fleet fueling management solutions, such as the C/OPT™ and K800™ Hybrid. Today, OPW-FMS takes fleet fueling management to the next level with its PV Family of Fuel Control Solutions.

The PV Family: The Future of Fuel Control

OPW Fuel Management Systems’ PV Family of Fuel Control Solutions delivers secure, accurate and reliable fuel tracking for 24-hour unattended fueling operations of every size. Solutions that are part of the PV Family protects fuel assets. They also create operational efficiencies through integration and automation. Anchored by OPW’s state-of-the-art Fuel Island Terminals, Fuel Site Controllers and Fuel Management Software, the PV Family’s PV Solo, PV Pro, PV Enterprise and PV Enterprise Plus packages provide a “right-sized” fuel control solution to meet the level of functionality needed by your commercial application.

From nationwide fueling network cards to local proprietary network cards, OPW-FMS offers a level of purchase control, tracking and reporting that accommodate the needs of fleets, small and large. Other industry-leading options like AVI and wireless communication technologies continue to make OPW Fuel Management Systems the leader in 24-hour unattended fuel management.