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Phoenix Software Registration Policy

If you have purchased the manufacturer start-up training module of Phoenix software for your site, and have successfully completed the product registration process, you are entitled to receive Phoenix training. OPW product training is designed and developed by OPW, and administered by OPW to distributors and customers. The information contained is proprietary and the property of OPW Fuel Management Systems.

Phoenix software training is designed as a tool to provide Phoenix users with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively initiate, secure, process and manage fuel transactions. During training, participants will learn to apply OPW's approach to managing fuel transactions. All Phoenix training is conducted using telephone and TeamViewer Technology. TeamViewer requires sites to have high-speed Internet access available for training purposes.

Before attempting to register, be sure you are prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Has the fuel control system been fully programmed by the installer?
  • Have test cards or keys been programmed and used to generate transactions on a trial basis?
  • Are you currently using the system to process fuel?

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If you have previously registered your Phoenix software and need to reschedule training CLICK HERE.