Pacific Pride Site Controller: 2020 Network Update

OPW Fuel Management Systems has collaborated with FleetCor and Pacific Pride on this new software update for the FSC3000site controller to facilitate Pacific Pride’s sunset of the Switcher/Controller. The Switcher/Controller method of polling and sorting transactions within the Pacific Pride operating system is being replaced by a streamlined process that utilizes NBS to route all cards to the correct card authorizer.

To successfully upgrade your FSC3000, a strict set-up process must be followed. It is important to coordinate with OPW and Pacific Pride before and during your conversion. A comprehensive checklist of upgrade instructions, OPW and Pacific Pride contacts, as well as additional support materials, are posted below. IMPORTANT: Please address the checklist before scheduling an upgrade with your local service provider. 

To order the new site controller update, contact your local OPW sales representative or authorized distributor today!

2020 Update


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