Fleet and Terminal Fueling

Comprehensive Fuel Control and Tank Monitoring for Fleet and Terminal Fueling

From a small fleet of golf carts to the high-volume demands of a large trucking operation, fuel costs are one of the largest expenses facing fleet and terminal fueling operations. Comprehensive management and monitoring of that asset needs to be diligent, efficient and accurate in order to help preserve the profitability of a business's bottom line.

By meticulously monitoring fuel input from delivery services, employees' fuel usage and the level of fuel inventories in storage tanks, private fleet and terminal fueling facilities significantly reduce the opportunity for financial losses incurred through error, theft and storage equipment malfunctions.

Automated Fuel Control and Tank Monitoring

With solutions designed to fit every fleet's size and budget, OPW Fuel Management Systems' fuel-control and tank-monitoring systems automate much of the fuel management required by today's private fleet and terminal fueling operations.  All of OPW's fuel control systems enable conclusive documentation of fuel usage for 100 percent accountability.

OPW's Petro Vend unattended fleet fueling systems only permit authorized users to access fuel, tracking every drop of fuel that is pumped into and out of the storage tank, 24 hours a day. From the small equipment footprint and budget-conscious price point of the PV100® to the full-featured FSC3000TM, the Petro Vend line of fuel control systems offers the ideal transaction authorization solution for any fleet manager.

The SiteSentinel® family of tank-monitoring systems — including tank gauges, probes and sensors that are integrated for seamless performance — deliver round-the-clock precision monitoring of fuel inventories and storage equipment. Private fleet and fuel terminal managers rely on OPW's tank-monitoring systems to monitor their yard's inventory levels, help keep their fueling equipment environmentally compliant and minimize potential unaccounted fuel losses.


OPW's fuel-control and tank-monitoring systems facilitate the monitoring of fleet and terminal fueling inventories 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Fueling authorization and transaction tracking enable reliable recording of fuel deliveries and usage, minimizing losses caused by theft and error.


OPW's industry-leading fuel management systems provide fleet managers with an accurate record of fuel inventory levels to help them confidently manage their fuel expenses.