Retail Fueling

Cost-Effective Tank Monitoring and Confident Compliance Testing for Fuel Retailers

Efficient forecourt operations are essential to retail fuel operations that seek to enhance profitability by drawing repeat customers. Service delays caused by equipment malfunctions/inefficiencies drive away time-conscious consumers, and can cause a significant loss of business. OPW's automated fuel management systems provide retail fuel sites with a reliable customer experiencing by offering seamless fuel inventory management, helping ensure optimal product quality, and automatically facilitating environmental compliance testing.

Cost-Effective, Precision Tank Monitoring Systems

OPW's SiteSentinel® family of tank-monitoring systems, which includes a comprehensive line of integrated tank gauges, probes and sensors, offer retail fuel site managers access to real-time inventory data including gross and net-corrected tank volumes, product levels, water levels, leak alarms, delivery statuses and more. Designed to communicate with most industry-standard third-party POS protocols, OPW tank gauges enable seamless and comprehensive reporting of underground storage tank activities.

OPW's tank monitoring systems utilize industry-leading technology to deliver cost-effective performance to retail fuel operations. By reducing the amount of wire, conduit and labor needed to install a compatible SiteSentinel tank gauge at a new or pre-existing site, OPW's patented multi-drop technology allows fuel retailers to leverage significant savings compared to installation costs of competitive tank gauges. User-friendly features including large touchscreens, easy-to-navigate interfaces and remote accessibility are designed to streamline daily workflows. Statistical Leak Detection, available on select tank gauges, provides continuous in-tank monitoring empowers retail fuel managers to quickly initiate corrective actions to reduce costly inventory losses and environmental compliance penalties.


OPW tank gauges are designed to be compatible with most third-party POS protocols, enabling seamless reporting of underground storage tank activities.


OPW's tank gauges and sensors deliver industry-leading leak monitoring capabilities to help underground storage tanks remain environmentally compliant.


Reduced installation expenses and automated monitoring functionality minimize overhead and potential inventory losses at retail fuel sites.