Commercial Fueling

Delivering 24-7 Authorization and Secure Transaction Processing to Unattended Commercial Fueling Sites

From membership-only truck stops to agricultural co-op sites, commercial fueling sites need 24-7 fueling capabilities and transaction authorization that is secure, simple and convenient for managers and end-users alike. OPW provides a comprehensive line of integrated fuel control and tank monitoring systems that streamline fuel inventory management at commercial fueling sites, and get drivers back on the road and equipment back in the field.

Compatible, Customer-Focused and Secure

OPW offers a line of fuel island terminals designed to meet the commercial fuel control needs of 24-7 unattended cardlock operations — big and small, mechanical and electronic. Only permitting authorized drivers to fuel, OPW fuel control systems are compatible with a wide variety of commercial fueling networks. PCI compliant equipment ensures the security of cardholder data.

OPW's fuel control systems offer many optional features to deliver a superior fueling experience to end-users. From Tiered Accounts, which enable tiered pricing discounts, to OPW's Dispenser Terminal Control, which pairs the convenience of a retail fueling experience with the benefits of fuel control, OPW's fuel control systems features minimize time at the pump and enhance customer satisfaction.

Site operators obtain precision monitoring and reporting of fuel inventories from OPW's industry-leading tank gauging systems, which integrate seamlessly with OPW's powerful line of Phoenix® fuel management software, and OPW's FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller. Commercial fueling operations rely on Phoenix to reconcile inventory data for an accurate analysis of fuel inventories in real-time. Capable of polling and centralizing inventory and transaction data from multi-site fueling operations, the software significantly streamlines commercial fueling data management.


Depend on OPW's PCI-compliant fuel control systems to help keep cardholder data safe.


A variety of optional system features enable commercial sites to deliver superior, and often retail-like, fueling experiences to end-users.


Innovative fuel management software consolidates multi-site inventory and transaction data in one user-friendly interface.