Government Fleet Management

Precision Fuel Inventory Reconciliation, Reporting and Monitoring for Government Fleet Fuel Management

Government fleet management demands judicious administration of taxpayer-funded resources, especially fuel inventories, which comprise one of a fleet's largest expenses. As such, a comprehensive fuel management system that provides definitive accountability of fuel usage, and accurately monitors and reconciles tank inventories, is an essential management tool for today's municipal fleets.

Comprehensive Inventory Reconciliation, Accurate Data Reporting

OPW's integrated Fuel Control and Automatic Tank Gauging systems simplify the rigors of government fleet management. By only permitting authorized users to access fuel, OPW's Petro Vend family of unattended fleet-fueling systems track every drop of fuel pumped into, and dispensed out of storage tanks - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - for conclusive accountability. OPW's suite of powerful fuel management software, Phoenix®, enables real-time reconciliation of fuel deliveries and dispensed fuel quantities for a precise record of up-to-the-moment fueling activities. Ideal for multi-site operations, the software can centralize data management for large government fleets with multiple fueling locations.

Fleet managers rely on OPW's SiteSentinel® family of tank gauges, probes and sensors to provide round-the-clock precision monitoring of fuel inventory levels and storage equipment. SiteSentinel tank-monitoring systems automate inventory reporting, environmental compliance testing as well as leak detection, which helps minimize inventory losses caused by costly leaks.

With bid specifications for several of OPW's most-utilized fuel management systems available for simple download, budget-conscious fleet managers can count on OPW fuel management equipment to consistently support prudent government fleet management practices — from the moment of initial equipment installations to the time of annual budget reviews.


From sensors that detect the slightest changes in tank inventories to fuel management software that delivers real-time reconciliation data, OPW fuel management tools provide precise reports of government fleet fueling activities.

Fiscally Responsible

Scrupulous fuel control systems designed to deliver 100 percent accountability reduce misuse of costly fuel resources in government fleet fueling applications while minimizing data reporting errors.


OPW's integrated fuel control and tank monitoring systems reduce municipal fleet overhead by automating and centralizing management of fuel inventories and transaction data.

Government Fleet Fueling Solutions