Try Phoenix SQL Lite™ Free for 60 Days

OPW is offering a free 60-day trial of its Phoenix SQL Lite™ PC-based fuel management software. The Windows®-compatible software leverages Microsoft SQL Express to deliver site reconciliation and powerful data management capabilities from a user-friendly interface. As a standalone Windows application (as opposed to a web-based application) it is designed for PC-based fuel management that is hosted on a single workstation, which is typical of small and mid-size fleets.

Robust Reporting

Complete reports package provides visibility of inventory levels, users’ fueling activity and much more to help small- and mid-size-fleet managers streamline fuel management


Phoenix SQL Lite interfaces with most fleet maintenance and back-office software programs, enabling operators to fully maximize their fueling data

Easy to Install

Software can be quickly downloaded and easily installed on Windows®-compatible PCs without complicated configuration requirements


Software’s clean and simple graphical user interface is easy to navigate, while a supportive “Help” feature guides users through common programming tasks