Bulk Fuel Distribution

Powerful Inventory Monitoring Systems For Bulk-Fueling Operations

Many fuel distributors operate 24-7. In order to provide reliable delivery service to their customers, they need to be confident that they have the inventory on-hand to fill orders. As a result, obtaining and maintaining accurate real-time readings of product inventory levels in large-capacity aboveground storage tanks is critical to the success of any bulk-fueling operation.

Fuel Management Systems Designed For Bulk Fueling Distributors

OPW delivers integrated fuel management systems that provide even the largest bulk-fueling sites with a precise account of their aboveground storage tanks' inventory levels. From OPW's industry-leading 7100V AST Flex Probe, to its powerful SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ Tank Gauge, OPW offers the tools bulk fueling distributors need to efficiently and safely track fuel inventories.

OPW's 7100V AST Flex Probe, available in lengths up to 70 feet (21 meters), improves site safety by eliminating the need for manual tank-sticking. The probe uses magnetostrictive technology to accurately measure a variety of aboveground storage tank liquids including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and lubricants. With its ability to connect to gauges from up to 984 feet (300 meters) away, the 7100V AST flex probe is ideal for the expansive acreage of a bulk-fueling site.

Operators can access real-time inventory data for gross and net-corrected tank volumes, product levels, water levels and temperatures for individual aboveground storage tanks via one of OPW's user-friendly SiteSentinel® tank gauges. With its VSmart compatibility, OPW's SiteSentinel Integra 500 Tank Gauge is capable of monitoring up to 32 probes, making it one of the most powerful and expandable tank-gauging systems on the market.



With flex probes up to 70 feet long and tank gauge systems designed to monitor up to 32 tanks, OPW helps operators overcome the unique equipment challenges common to bulk fueling distributors.


Probes that measure product level changes as low as 0.01 inches (0.254 mm) and tank gauges that deliver real-time inventory data ensure inventory management is accurate and efficient.



OPW's AST Flex Probe improves site safety by eliminating the need for manual tank-sticking.