How Swivel Joints Contribute to Equipment Life and Flexibility

By OPW | Dec 13, 2019

Without swivel joints, a number of industries might grind to a halt. For the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, ink and paint markets, swivels are a vital piece in the success of process machinery. Plants are able to transfer fluids and dry bulk materials more securely and efficiently because of the versatility of these components.

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Swivels for Hoses

A popular mode of transfer in chemical plants, hoses can be hard to manage on their own. They are heavy, cumbersome and when transporting products under constant pressure or vacuum, these pieces of equipment can wear down quickly. Swivel joints are able to ease this strain by providing structural support and maintaining a range of motion that keeps processing or loading operations efficient.

Swivels for Loading Arms

Another tool chemical plants make regular use of is the loading arm. A swivel joint that can make positioning these large arms quicker and more painless is a great ally to have. Whether bottom or top loading, flexibility of an arm means greater productivity with less strain. While flexibility improve the performance and durability of loading arms themselves, it also benefits the plant staff who use loading equipment day in and day out through ergonomic-friendly positioning and movement.

Swivels for Piping

Flexible piping systems, like those found on steel mill cooling water lines, are made possible through the use of durable swivels, including OPW’s 3000 Series General Purpose Swivel Joints. These products reduce friction and wear while requiring only annual lubrication.

Engineering What’s Next in Custom Chemical Transfer Equipment

OPW Engineered Systems is experienced in designing and manufacturing swivel joints for all kinds of equipment. We consult with design, plant and maintenance engineers to deliver an appropriate swivel joint solution, specifically tailored to your application. 

To learn more about the full line of OPW Engineered Systems’ terminal solutions, please visit or contact OPW Engineered Systems.


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