OPW Connections Transfer Bulk Chemicals with Precision

By OPW | Nov 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered how household items get their properties? For example, how does soap acquire its pleasant odor, and what gives it superior cleaning power? It’s possible the answer lies within a chemical-blending facility, like the Pleasant Prairie, WI, headquarters of EMCO Chemical Distributors.

EMCO’s facility houses more than one million gallons of liquid storage, and the company specializes in repackaging and blending bulk chemicals into usable materials for industrial and consumer products. Because of its high operating volume, safety and leak prevention are top priorities. To keep operators safe and chemicals contained, EMCO employs two types of connection systems from OPW Engineered Systems.

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Across EMCO’s headquarters, there are more than 500 Kamlok® and Autolok® Quick connects to assist in managing the flow of chemicals. Whether its blending for paint and coatings or cleaning supplies, EMCO standardized all of its hoses using Kamlok and Autolok. This facility-wide change took place in 2014, and since then, company leadership has seen improvements in safety, reliability and operator performance.

Operators led the charge to institute Kamlok and Autolok connections because of their functionality and Vibration-proof arms, which contribute to safe operation and maintain the integrity of chemical products. In the past, they may have worried about hose vibrations compromising product flow, but OPW products have eased those concerns.

To further secure its loading racks, EMCO employs Civacon 8030 Ground Verification Monitors. These systems confirm ground connections between a truck or railcar and the loading terminal to ensure that the product-unloading process may not be initiated without a verified connection.

Engineering What’s Next in Chemical Blending

OPW Engineered Systems offers a comprehensive line of quick disconnects. These products have set the industry standard for safety and ease of use through Twin-Kam technology, which holds adaptors more securely to protect against accidental release.

To learn more about the full line of OPW Engineered Systems’ terminal solutions, please visit opw-es.com or contact OPW Engineered Systems.


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