OPW Engineered Systems Now Offering Civacon brand of Rack Monitoring Equipment

By OPW Engineered Systems | Dec 18, 2014

OPW Engineered Systems, the leading manufacturer of loading systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials and a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, is pleased to announce that it is now the single source for selling the Civacon brand of rack monitoring equipment. OPW Engineered Systems customers now have access to Civacon’s standard-setting rack monitoring technology backed by OPW Engineered Systems’ world-class service and support.

Civacon rack monitoring equipment sets the standard for performance; safeguarding against costly spills, overfills and grounding solutions while delivering operating efficiencies on the road and at the fueling terminal. Civacon’s full line of rack monitoring equipment includes:

• Rack Monitors: used in loading and unloading operations to detect the type of sensor, the state of liquid in the tank, an overfill situation, and/or verify the grounding condition

• Junction Boxes: designed to be used in conjunction with rack monitor equipment to provide easy maintenance and wiring of the plug & cord sets connecting to the rack monitors

• Plugs & Cords: used with junction boxes to connect the overfill-detection monitor to the tank transport at the terminal

• Optic Cane Probes: provide a portable, flexible solution to varying overfill requirements for safe top loading where a permanent sensor cannot be properly affixed to a tank or railcar

Civacon is the world’s leading provider of safe and efficient rack monitoring equipment, and we are excited to be able to deliver these solutions to our customers,” said Dave Morrow, Product Manager for OPW Engineered Systems. “Combining OPW Engineered Systems’ philosophy of customer service and customer satisfaction with Civacon’s long-standing tradition of providing industry-leading solutions will be a tremendous benefit to our joint customers. We will build upon Civacon’s reputation as a global leader within the industry to meet the ever increasing demands for safe, economical, reliable and both environmentally and operator friendly rack monitoring equipment.”

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OPW Engineered Systems is a leading manufacturer of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials. OPW Engineered Systems is part of OPW Fluid Transfer Group. Organized in 1998 and part of Dover Corporation, OPW Fluid Transfer Group is comprised of six market-leading operating companies — each dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing world class solutions that assist in the safe handling and transporting of hazardous bulk products. The Group is comprised of three market units: Chemical and Industrial, Rail and Cargo Tank, and six market-leading operating companies: OPW Engineered Systems, Midland Manufacturing, Civacon, Knappco, Sure Seal and OPW Fluid Transfer Group – Europe. The company has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, Brazil and India; it has sales offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Shanghai. For more information, please visit
www.opw-es.com or www.opw-ftg.com.



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