8000 Series Endura Split Flange Swivels

The Endura™ Dual Split Flange (DSF) swivel joint from OPW® Engineered Systems represents the best in swivel technology. Specifically designed for the transfer of hazardous materials such as acids, solvents, petrochemicals and other toxic fluids, Endura™ sets the standard in Loading Arm Swivel performance.

  • Standard Sizes: 2 in., 3 in., 4in.
  • Standard Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Standard Seals: Buna-N, Fluorocarbon, PTFE, EPDM, Neoprene
  • End Connections: FNPT, 150/300 ANSI Flanges, Butt Weld


Materials Carbon Steel Stainless Steel 
Sealing Flange  ASTM A350-LF2 Class 1 ASTM A351-CF3M 
Body  ASTM A350-LF2 Class 1*  ASTM A351-CF3M 
Tail ASTM A350-LF2 Class 1*  ASTM A351-CF3M 
Elbow  ASTM A234 WPB  ASTM A351-CF3M 316L 
150/300 lb Flange  ASTM A105  ASTM A351-CF3M 316L 
Bearing  Grade 200 CST  Grade 440 SST 
Bolts  A193 B7  A193 B8M Class 2 
Ball Plug/Nut  Carbon Steel  Stainless Steel 
Grease Fittings  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel 

*Carburized to RC 45-60

Main and Back-Up Seals

Min Temp (F/C) Max Temp (F/C)
Buna  -20°F/-28.8°C 212°F/100°C
Fluorocarbon  -20°F/-28.8°C 400°F/204.4°C
PTFE (PFA) encapsulated
Silicone (FDA Approved)

-50°F/-45.6°C 500°F/260°C
EPDM  -50°F/-45.6°C 250°F/121°C
Kalrez  0°F/17.7°C 500°F/260°C

All Endura DSF Swivels come standard with specified main and back-up seals. PTFE encapsulated Fluorocarbon environmental seals (qty 2) and static product seals (qty 1) are standard. Other seals available upon request.


Swivel Styles

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